Creating new lawnZoysia tenuifolia is sensational!


Sensational for your new lawn


The mild climate of the Algarve is suitable for very different lawn species which serve your needs.

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Modern high-quality lawn varieties and seeding combine aesthetics and dry resistance.

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Zoysia is sensational for your new lawn. Zoysia tenuifolia has gone through a decade of breeding before now it became available in Portugal. This grass combines all properties of an economic turf: a reduction of 50% water consumption and a slow growth that allows cutting intervals of 4 weeks. Therefore the maintenance costs are drastically reduced. In addition this grass all year shows it´s high aesthetics.

Zoysia grass is from South East Asia, a warm climates grass growing very slowly. In Portugal the growing season is limited to the months of March to October, during this period, the lawn should be mowed 6-8 times.
The grass has a high drought resistance, during hot summer every second day irrigation should be practiced, at the beginning and the end of the season no more than 1-2 times a week.

Due to its high salt resistance, water quality is of little importance.
The grass grows well in the shade and makes few demands on the soil quality.
Fertilizer and pesticides are applied in small amounts only
The lawn is extremely hardwearing and therefore is suitable as a sports turf.
The best way to install it is by turf from March to September.

Zoysia tenuifolia also Mascrenagrass or Korean Samtgrass called
Family: Gramineae
Genus: Zoysia
Species: tenuifolia
Tribute: eragrostoídeas

Zoysia Tenuifolia

 zg 007

  • Lawn economic
  • Reduction of 50% water consumption!
  • Slow growth
  • Cutting intervals of 4 weeks!


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