ServicesOur services comprise


Garden Services and Garden Maintenance

Our team is available for any of your issues.

We trim hedges, flower beds, lawn and everything which is growing in your garden.

We maintain and repair irrigation systems in order to have them functional.

Depending on the season and weather, we change the programming of the irrigation in order to decrease your water bill.


The spread of the red palm weevil and the pine processionary caterpillar requires drastic measures.

We are committed to protect your plants naturally by using a biological pest control.

If necessary, we can apply chemical pesticides since REGA-TOP holds the state license to handle these agents.

Our staff is well trained and works according to the regulations.

We also perform the following services for you:

  • Arboriculture and tree-cutting;
  • Supply of compost and bark mulch;
  • Building and repairing of fences;
  • Construction of natural stone walls;
  • Well drilling services by subcontractors;
  • Swimming pool repairing by subcontractors.

Portugal Oliveiras

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If you are interested in our olive trees distribution.

Please have a look at our
"Portugal Oliveiras",